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Non-Medical Home Care Companionship Service 
Companionship Personal Care Services
Grooming and Hygiene
Caregivers specialize in helping our elderly perform the simple yet basic functions of daily living in their own home to avoid exhaustion. We assist with getting them in and out of bed, wheelchairs and any where they need help to lower the risk of falls and injuries., and caregivers do their best to avoid them from ending up in the emergency room, nursing home or assisted living. We customize a service plan for each individual unique need

Peace of mind is what we offer our elderly citizens and their families.. Our caregivers provide emotional support and the opportunity to engaged the elder in social activities for a better quality of life to help avoid the possibility of developing depression and cognitive decline. We work closely with our elders by encouraging independence while living comfortably in their homes for as long as possible. 
Our Elders are precious and we take great pride in providing high quality non-medical home care companionship service personalized for their unique needs. We ensure the safety of our elders and guarantee all workers are screened and have passed a drug test, criminal background check (CORI), and are thoroughly screened for honesty.
Our client’s personal care routines include regular hygiene and grooming so to feel better, look good and boost self confidence. No more fear of falling while bathing due to physical or cognitive restriction, we are there to help. We assist with washing, shampooing, conditioning, combing and styling hair, and other grooming needs.
Toileting is a sensitive topic for our clients. Discussing this issue is uncomfortable for the elderly but avoiding it can sometimes cause skin infections, unpleasant odors, and general hygiene problems. Our caregivers are dignified, 
compassionate and understand these personal aspects of daily living.
Daily meal preparation can be a lot of work and sometimes time consuming, Our caregivers assist when needed. Meals are prepared to meet nutritional and dietary needs. A healthy nutritious diet is vital for our clients well-being. Our caregiver’s help clients stay on their prescribed diet to prevent or control any medical conditions they may have or if they just want to have a healthy meal.
Meal Preparation and Nutrition
Transportation Mobility Assistance
Errands/Grocery Shopping
 Advance Hourly Schedule Is Recommended.
Toileting and Care
Laundry and Light Housekeeping 
Medication Reminder
Our caregivers will not administer medications however, they can assist in ensuring that the elder take their medication on time as prescribed and remind the elder when it is time for the next dose. 
Caregivers make laundry and housekeeping fun for our clients by keeping them engaged in conversation and laughter. Services include washing clothes, drying, ironing, folding and putting laundry away. Caregivers also straighten up and organize all rooms, clean bathrooms, clean kitchens, dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, wipe any interior windows that are reachable and discard all trash.
We do our best to encourage our elders to remain active and remind them of the important benefits of being out and about. To maintain the quality of life we assist in getting our elders from place to place comfortably and safely. Our caregivers provide transportation for medical appointments and anywhere our elder wants to go because being out and about has its benefits on our elders mind, body, and spirit. 
Getting around can be difficult however; our caregivers will run around to do grocery shopping, pharmacy and run other errands needed.. Elders are always encouraged, welcomed and invited to travel along for the ride so 
to stay active, get fresh air and sunlight however; they also have the option to stay home.
We are a provider of in-home non-medical companionship personal care service. Our top priority is to help our elderly clients move around their homes while keeping them safe.
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Hourly Schedule is highly recommended as a regular schedule ensure our clients have a consistent caregiver staff they are comfortable with. Selecting a hourly schedule definitely have its benefits. We want to make sure a caregiver is always available for you. . 
Caring For Others
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