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Home Is Where Our Heart Is...  
Walking into a home of declutter can sometimes be a sensitive and difficult situation. Holding on to stuff and never wanting to let go can become a serious hording situation. However, with enough determination and time our mission will get accomplished. 

Decluttering is the key to a refreshingly clean home. Clutter causes stress and can potentially impact your ability to properly take care of yourself. We work with care to respect the integrity of our client’s personal precious possessions We help individuals get their lives and spaces organized and work diligently and judgment free room by room to remove unnecessary items from overcrowded areas.  

We begin the process by doing a walk through evaluation of what individuals are holding on to. Moving forward we ask the big question "What Are You Willing To Let Go"? Next, we set a goal and decide how long it will actually take to complete the project 

Elderly Cleaning Services offers an "All-in-One Pre-Paid Package". Package includes (Declutter~Organizing~Cleaning). This Declutter process allows us to remove items. The organizing enables us to move things around and the cleaning process is to bring your home back to order so it's pleasant, livable and inviting. 

If you are serious about getting your home back in order we ask that you make a firm commitment to use our system to accomplish fast and significant change in your home.  An experienced professional can turn your home back to a place of comfort.
Level #1
3 Steps To A Clutter Free Home
This FAST TRACK plan is for one week.  This program is a  commitment for 4-6 hour and for five days straight.  This session is to Declutter, Organize and Clean your home quickly. 
This SEMI FAST TRACK plan is for one week.  This program is a commitment for 4-6 hour for three days straight.  This session is to Declutter, Organize and Glean your home quickly. 
This SLOWER TRACK plan is for two weeks.  This program is a for 4-6 hour commitment for two days straight each week .  his session is to Declutter, Organize and Clean your home quickly. 
DISCLAIMER: Here at Elderly Cleaning Services we work hard to protect the privacy of our website visitors. Our website forms require individuals to 
disclose information such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number. This information is used solely by Elderly Cleaning Services to respond to  request and to occasionally notify individuals about important changes to our website and services. We will never sell share or transfer your information to third parties. “Elderly Cleaning Services reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and for any reason”.
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Level #2
Level #3
Most popular...
We highly recommend an on going regular cleaning session to maintain a clean and clutter free home. This particular service should be discussed on the last day of your level 1, 2 or 3 session completion.
On Going Regular Cleaning 
​Time & date not guaranteed. Confirmation 
sent within 6 to 12 hours.
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