Rita P.
Charles & Kathy Roe
Jones Family
I am all alone and my house was a mess. The staff at Elderly Cleaning Services helped me and the cost was affordable, but more importantly, they understood my needs and respected my wants. I will use Elderly Cleaning Services again. 
Thank you so much! "The staff at Elderly Cleaning Services did an amazing job cleaning my Mom"s home.
After many years of working 9-5 and now retired, we decided to treat ourselves to a weekly cleaning. A friend referred Elderly Cleaning Services to us and we were impressed at the work performed. "The staff at Elderly Cleaning Services are sincere and care about the elders. This is why we hired them to perform our weekly cleaning. 
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I am 59 years old and developed a serious breathing problem caused by excessive dust build-up in my home. I went looking for help and could not get help from my local elderly community center because of my age. In desperation I searched online and found Elderly Cleaning Service. I use Elderly Cleaning Service on a monthly base because they are affordable, respectful, caring and do excellent work. According to my Doctor my breathing has dramatically improved and I feel and look healthier. I am blessed to have found them and highly recommend Elderly Cleaning Services for a dust free home..
Dee Hill
1 Peter 4:10
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others. 
Matthew 20:28 
Just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve".
We do the things we enjoy the most “spending time with our grandchild’ Thanks to the staff at Elderly Cleaning Services we enjoy the freedom of not having to cleaning and time to spend with our grandchild. The staff at Elderly Cleaning Services cares and offers a unique service! 
Elderly Cleaning Services, LLC is committed and exceed expectations and takes special interest to understand the unique needs of each of our clients. We are proud of the services we provide and the work we do for our Elders, and would like to share these testimonials from our clients with you.
Antoinette G.
I found Elderly Cleaning Services after inquiring at my local Senior Center for help cleaning my home, but to no avail. I need help badly so I went on the internet searching for help. Two years later Elderly Cleaning Services is my only choice for all my cleaning needs on a regular monthly base. Elderly Cleaning services was and have been a saving grace with their mannerly, professional service and their exceptionally kind spirited and helpful ways... 
Elderly Cleaning Services, LLC
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Barbara  A.
Rafaela is not just cleaning, she is helping me organize my home. I have too much "stuff". She is wonderful. I highly recommend this service and Rafaela. I have made an additional five 4 hour cleaning/organizational appointments.
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I have worked with Elderly Cleaning Services for more than a year, and could not be more pleased with what they’ve done for me. Whenever their representative leaves, my condo is spotless, and any requests are performed cheerfully and impeccably. Also good at pointing out needed repairs or things I could do to improve my living situation. Extremely conscientious and caring service. A+

Mary  F.

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