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About Elderly Cleaning Services... 
Elderly Cleaning Services is an independent home cleaning company working with and for our elderly citizens age 60+ and is located in Massachusetts. We take great pride in a company that provides house cleaning service for those who have meant so much in our lives, “Our Elders”. Our vision for this service resulted from a strong passion and our desire to serve and give back. This vision to start a full residential cleaning and moving service was not enough. Our elders have other needs and we are dedicated and obligated to serve. We offer “Companionship service, De-cluttering service and Organizing service” because we take great pride in helping and caring for our elders. 

Elderly Cleaning Services wants a long lasting relationship with our elders. We are extremely reliable and consistent. We ensure the safety of our elders and guarantee all workers have passed a drug test, a criminal background check (CORI), and are thoroughly screened for honesty. Our priority at Elderly Cleaning Services is to provide a safe and refreshingly clean healthy environment for our Elders to make them feel good about living and remaining at home for as long as they are able.  

Since Elderly Cleaning Services opened its doors, we’ve treated every elder like our own family. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing at the end of each work day we have graciously preformed our service and fulfilled our purpose, and that is a blessing to all at ECS. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch because of the special group of citizens we serve. What separates us from similar businesses is "Our Passion For Our Elders".
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 Location: Massachusetts * Phone: 978.552.9533
 Email address: elderlycleaningservices@gmail.com
We provide non-medical home care companion service for a few hours a day to help our elders maintain their independence at home. We help with their specific needs so to eliminate stress while enjoying and living in their own home. 
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You are never alone during this time. We are here to accommodate you and dedicated to making this transition as "stress-free" as possible. We understand and recognized the overwhelming process of relocating our loved ones and so we do it all for you to make this process easier.

Free in-home consultation and quality service guarantee.  A respectful and reliable team of movers along with a moving manager will be there every step of the way to coordinate and facilitate this process and to address any concerns you may have. 
Companionship Service...
De-clutter & Organizing Service...
Overwhelmed by clutter? Let us help you eliminate it. We work with you to de-clutter and organize unwanted items in a careful and pleasant way. We use a three step proven system to help you de-clutter and organize your home. 
DISCLAIMER: Here at Elderly Cleaning Services we work hard to protect the privacy of our website visitors. Our website forms require individuals to 
disclose information such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number. This information is used solely by Elderly Cleaning Services to respond to  requests and to occasionally notify individuals about important changes to our website and services. We will never sell share or transfer your information to third parties. “Elderly Cleaning Services reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and for any reason”.

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